Featured CSSD Tech 1: Albert Germano

Part 1: Tell us something about being a CSSD

  1. What is your Job Title (Ex. CSSD Technician, Sterile Processing Technician, etc.)

ANSWER: CSSD technician

  1. Where do you work? (Name of Hospital & Country)

ANSWER: Hussein Al Ali Hospital, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  1. What department? (What’s the actual name of your department? Ex. CSS Dept or Sterile Processing Dept, etc.)

ANSWER: CSSD (Central Sterilization Supply Department)

  1. How long have you been working as a CSSD Technician?

ANSWER: 5 years and 8 months

  1. Does your company offer seminars or trainings to enhance your skills?


  1. Does your company offer promotions? Have you been promoted?

ANSWER: No. I haven’t been promoted.

  1. How’s your relationship with your colleagues?

ANSWER: We have good working relationship with my colleagues.

  1. How’s your relationship with your management/employer?



Part 2: What are your Challenges as a CSSD Technician?

  1. Workload – Are you given too much work or tasks? Do you work overtime?

ANSWER: Yes, I work 12 hours a day with only 1 day off per week.

  1. Schedule – Do you work day or night shift? What schedule do you prefer?

ANSWER: Rotation morning shift and night shift weekly

  1. Salary / benefits – Do you think your salary is fair enough with the tasks that you handle as a CSSD Technician? Or do you think you deserve more?

ANSWER: Salary is good for my job as a CSSD Tech.

  1. Language barriers – Do you have a hard time communicating with your colleagues?

ANSWER: It’s easy to communicate because we are all Filipino

  1. Personal (homesickness) – Are you working abroad or away from your loved ones? How do you handle or cope with homesickness?

ANSWER: Yes, I work abroad. Sometimes I feel homesick especially during special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Birthday Celebration of family members.



  1. Did you take a CSSD Technician Course?

ANSWER: Yes I took cssd course

  1. Where?

ANSWER: International Institute of Sterile Services Management, Inc. in the Philippines

  1. How much?

ANSWER: During my time, the tuition fee was Php 40K, excluding other miscellaneous expenses

  1. How long was the course / training?

ANSWER: 6 months

  1. Do you recommend that school? Why or why not?

ANSWER: Yes, because this is where I learned about Sterile Processing



We know these questions are a bit personal, so you have the option to answer it or not. But we will appreciate it if you answer any of these questions. J Thanks!

  1. How much was your initial monthly salary?

ANSWER: Sorry, can’t share this.

  1. How much is your monthly salary now?

ANSWER: Sorry, can’t share this.

  1. Has it increased since you started working?


  1. How much is the highest salary of a CSSD Technician in your company?

ANSWER: Sorry, I have no idea.

  1. What other benefits do you receive as a CSSD Technician?

ANSWER: Health Insurance and other Incentives


Part 5: Tell us more about your job as a CSSD

  1. Are you happy with your current job as a CSSD Technician?

ANSWER: Yes , I am happy to be a CSSD Technician. It’s challenging, but it’s fulfilling.

  1. What do you like about being a CSSD Technician?

ANSWER: I like this kind of work as a CSSD Tech because I know that I play an important role in preventing infection in our hospital especially with the instruments for surgery. CSSD is the heart of the hospital and without CSSD, the hospital is incomplete. I’m happy that in one way or another, I know I’m part of that small portion that makes the hospital complete and function efficiently.

  1. What don’t you like about being a CSSD Technician?

ANSWER: I think it’s the too much exposure to chemicals. But I’m thankful that we have complete PPE that protect us from infection or contamination.

  1. How long do you plan to work as a CSSD Technician?

ANSWER: Maybe until I earn enough money to build our house and put up our own business.

  1. Would you recommend this job to other aspiring CSSD Technicians?


  1. If you are going to transfer or try another opportunity, what country would you like to work and why?

ANSWER: Saudi, Qatar, UAE or USA


Part 5: What can you advice to your fellow CSSD Technicians and those who are aspiring to be like you?

ANSWER: Being a CSSD Technician is not an easy job. It takes passion, hardwork, and dedication to be successful in this career. To my fellow CSSD Technicians, keep up the good work and let’s continue to do our job efficiently. To those who are aspiring to be a CSSD Technician, enroll in the CSSD Training and take it seriously. It will help a lot when you do your job as a CSSD Technician.

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