Sterile Processing Technician Training and Certification

The main career path one joins when in the CSSD is that of the technician, which covers a wide variety of responsibilities.

Mainly, the hospital CSSD technician job description is concerned with ensuring that all of the instruments and supplies meet the required qualitative and quantitative quotas.

As of 2014, certified sterile processing tech personnel have a median salary of about $43,000.

This number is specifically for surgical technologists, or those who are specifically assigned to sterilize items used by operating room teams.

The work environment is mostly restricted to hospitals and outpatient centers.

  • Dexterity, physical stamina, and attention to detail are highly valued.
  • Degree options are varied — anywhere from nursing graduates to family health practitioners can make an entry into the field.

This is a good outlook for those who wish to take a CSSD course from the Philippines.

Each organization will have its own qualifications to become a sterile processing technician, but certifications are generally not required.

  • Having one from the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD) will be a big plus, however.
  • Another board that provides certification is the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM).

These certifications are usually given after some experience in the field, or after a training for sterile processing technician. Aside from this, an aspiring technician has to pass a certification exam.

Recertification may also be needed.

In the Philippines, anyone wanting to be a certified sterile processing technician will also have to take a national board certification exam.

This can only be taken after the preceding preparatory course is passed by more than 75%.

sterile-processing-technicianSterile Processing Technician Certification

CBSPD Certification

There are four ways to become certified by the CBSPD. First, a practitioner can be certified after working for a year in the field.

He can also take a training course, attend an allied program related to sterile processing (while working at the same times as a sterile processing technician), or work for a year in sterile process sales or related services.

The certification is good for five years, and he must be recertified after.

IAHCSMM Certification

To be certified, one must first be a member of the IAHCSMM. Afterwards, one will be granted access to the training programs, which are helpful in completing the final certification exam.

Unlike the CBSPD, the certification will have to be renewed annually.

CSSD Technician Certification in the Philippines

There are also various sterile processing technician training online courses one can take, from different websites.

Sterile processing technician schools are mostly abroad, though there are two (that  I personally know of) that offers a CSSD course or training in the Philippines.

Usually, these courses (both online and offline) will include mandatory classes related to controlling medical instruments.

Hence, training for sterile processing technician will include classes in anatomy and physiology, infection control procedures, medical terminology, surgical instrumentation, and basic communication and interpersonal skills.

The last one is often overlooked but important, seeing that the hospital CSSD technician job description includes effectively communicating with other departments to ensure timely delivery of decontaminated equipment, as well as proper communication with other CSSD staff.

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  1. Avi luy says:

    Where can i take the cssd training in philippine?

    • Albert & Eden says:

      Hi Avi,
      There are 2 training schools in the Philippines where you can take the CSSD Training Program.
      One is at the International Institute of Sterile Services Management and the other one is at Cornerstone International College.
      Both of these training centers are in Quezon City.

  2. Jen Velete says:

    How much the tuition fee?

  3. Shehana says:

    Hi , im shehana from kerala. Plsss suggest a centre to take cssd course online.

  4. Reynaldo Julaton says:

    Even high school graduated can possible to take cssd tech.?

    • Albert & Eden says:

      Yes, but it depends on the school. We suggest you inquire directly at the training school where you plan to take the Sterile Processing course for the complete requirements.

  5. Admin says:

    There are a lot of schools that offer Sterile Processing Technician Program. We will update this page for the link as soon as our new post is up.

  6. Phines says:

    Hi! Do I need to take the course before taking the exam? Where can I take the exam?

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